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Dragon of Legend: Destiny

3D cover 2For over a thousand years, the Lands have been under the mercy of ruthless evil rider Haiden and his ferocious black dragon. They rule with an iron fist, promising riches only to those who swear blind loyalty to them… but certain death to those who would dare defy their authority.

Every hundred years, however, a Rider and Dragon of Legend emerge and attempt to defeat Haiden and his dragon… but so far, not one has succeeded.

This time, Akira, an untrained and inexperienced girl of sixteen summers, is chosen by the new Dragon of Legend, as his rider. Together, the two find themselves thrust into a fate many see as a lost cause—challenging the most powerful rider and dragon in the realm.

With all odds seemingly stacked against them, will Akira and her dragon prevail… or will they share the same fate as all the other Riders and Dragons of Legend before them?

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Raised by a perfectly normal family, Angelika developed a not-so-normal overactive imagination. At the age of fifteen she became brave enough to share some of her works on a popular story site named Wattpad. Thanks to her readers and many amazing friends, her overactive imagination went into overdrive and she ended up writing even more than before.

A self-proclaimed sushi addict, Angelika spends her days furiously typing away while trying not to get distracted by squirrels. Perhaps her love of fantasy has to do with the fact that she has lived in Zambia, Germany, and the US for multiple years, and has a hard time telling them apart.

Though Zambia will forever be home, Angelika can now be found travelling from one country to another as she searches for adventure… that’s if she’s not sitting in a Starbucks working on her next novel.